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I’m curious what fellow lawblrs have heard as ‘advice’ regarding their attire. I’ve heard on several occasions not to wear skirts to interviews, as it makes us appear too ‘feminine.’ 

So, to sum up today: 

@miss-sardonic has been told by moot court judges, in recorded comments, that she should have been wearing a skirt instead of a pantsuit. 

a-necessary-dream has been told women shouldn’t wear pantsuits

emmeetsworld has said that her office has a rule of skirts for court (kudos to the in-house more casual dress code). She also notes that the Hilary Clinton look (conservative skirt-suit, pumps, pearl earrings) is commonly considered a must for East-Coast interviews. 

Jdandunderemployed has been told that she shouldn’t wear shirts that fall outside the dark blue/black spectrum. She also has heard stories about how women shouldn’t wear pants during moot courts. (And her story about the legal aid lawyers is great)

@theshinyinternets has been told, by a moot court judge, in lieu of constructive feedback, that she should ‘leave her hair down’ because it looked to ‘severe’ pulled back and she’s a ‘lovely girl.’ Kudos to her for not killing him dead right there. 

notloblawlawblog has been told to not have her shoes too high OR too short. You know, like Goldilocks. Also, you should wear enough makeup to look like a ‘woman,’ but not so much as so men actually ‘know’ you’re wearing it. 

And OP herself, heather-ilene has a great story about her Legal Research prof telling her that without a suit jacket and button-up white shirt, she couldn’t possibly be expected to be dressed for court. 

Miss-Sardonic put it best, when she said: Judges and other attorneys will feel they can critique your appearance because you’re a woman, and their advice will contradict, so you really can’t win.

Ladies, I have to applaud you for the fact that you all take this crap with a grain of salt, you don’t punch the people who are trying to police your body in the face and, hopefully, you stand by your fellow ladies when they make their own wardrobe choices. 

If you’ve got your own story, please share. It helps when we’re not alone in feeling how ridiculous this is. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, the sharing of stories will empower other women to stand up and not let others dictate what should be in their wardrobe. 

For thedfordinator

Third week of law school my criminal law professor (a prestigious LA attorney and criminal law authority) pulled me and my friend aside and advised us of the following:

Because she thought we didn’t “look” like the rest of the students (we’re both blonde, with long hair, and are relatively stylish), things after graduation would be relatively more difficult for us. We would therefore have to try a little harder to be heard than would everyone else in the class. So as to wardrobe, these were the rules:
1. Skirt suits to court only.  Never pants.
2. Pantyhose always. No exceptions.
3. Closed-toed shoes always. No sling backs. No kitten heels.
4. Skirts below the knee. Always.
5. Hair up and back for court with minimal make up for court. Always. 
6. No colorful nailpolish or lipstick. Ever.
7. Only wear suits in muted colors. Learn to love grey, black, brown, and navy.
8. No bare shoulders in the office.
9. Casual Friday never means jeans.
10. In court, no flashy jewelry (especially statement pieces), brightly colored handbags or shoes, or any other unusual accessories that will unnecessarily draw attention.
This all sounded suffocating, stupid, and hateful at the time. But I listened. At first. 
Then, a few years in, I felt stifled. So I decided to let a little bit of “me” out. I dyed my hair platinum. I started wearing more pink. I got playful with the nail polish and extravagant with my shoe selection. Huge mistakes. 
You know what happened? People stopped listening. Just those few little changes, that I felt were necessary to “express my individualism,” were just enough to distract judges, other lawyers, my peers, and my employer enough so that I could no longer effectively get my message across to them. They weren’t listening, they were too busy looking at my hair. They stopped sending me to court.
I learned that the reason my professor gave me and my friend all those dumb rules is the same reason most female lawyers out there (and I’m sorry for saying this) dress like dumpy shlubs. Most just don’t give a fuck. So, when a female attorney comes along who looks really good, it pretty much throws everything off. The men lawyers get all distracted and the dumpy women lawyers get all irritated—either way, no one is listening. So you’ve just gotta suck it up, and try to blend in. Otherwise, they just won’t hear you.
If you look at the female lawyers who appear in front if the Supreme Court, none of them look like Ally McBeal.  Law firm don’t sent the Ally McBeal types out to court, or anywhere on any type of important appearance. 
Also, when a firm hires you, there going to put your bio on the firm website. Probably with a photo.  Clients will check that photo out to see who is working on their case. When they come to meetings and see you, the firm will not be pleased if you have transformed yourself into Barbie (right before a big meeting with corporate bigwigs at US Bank), as I did.
I’ve been litigating in Los Angeles for a while now, I’ve seen it all. You’d think that if there was anywhere in the world that you could be a stylish, glamourous attorney, it would be here. Or, if nothing else, you’d think you could at least be a bit laid back here. Nope. Sadly, the judges here are grouchy and old, and mostly men, just like everywhere else. As are most law firm partners. And if you want them to listen to you (instead of thinking about what a stupid, disrespectful kid you are for daring to wear pants inside a courtroom), you must blend in.
Trust me.
BTW, all this is a million times more important if you go into any sort of big firm, corporate, insurance, or any defense type work. 
Good luck.

(via thedfordinator)

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Anonymous asked:

Where do you get your griffons? They are adorable


Thank you! They are absolutely the greatest dogs ever. Chunk, the black one, came from an incredible, amazing, loving woman named Renee Westerhuis, in Arroyo Grande, California. She runs Precious Paws Brussels Griffons, and breeds them. But she’s not like any other breeder you’ve ever known. Her dogs are her family. They all live in her house, sleep in her bed, and She loves them and cares for them like She would a child.

When Chunk came to me at 10 weeks, he was the most healthy, well-adjusted, loving, yet confident dog, because he had been raised by such an incredibly doting and adoring woman. I know this because i visited him twice at her house when he was a puppy, before he was old enough for me to take him home.

Griffs are the best breed of dog ever. I will own them all my life, and will always return to Renee to get new ones. I didn’t with Sprout (my fawn colored dog) only because I just saw her one day on the street, in a basket, and immediately fell in love). I recommend Renee wholeheartedly and without reservation.

You can find more info about Renee’s Griffs here:

Good luck!

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I’m fairly certain I’ll always be a “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” type of girl, rather than a “Shine Bright Like a Diamind” type of girl. #pinkfloyd #rogerwaters #shineonyoucrazydiamond #wishyouwerehere (at Mum & Dad’s House, West Hills, California)

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The dream ring … someday.

Existential series, limited edition. Ponderances for the hand, by @lovinganvil

The text on the ring is a condensed version of a passage from Fratricides, a novel by one of the artist’s favorite authors, Nikos Kazantzakis, and reads:

death i do not fear you
and suddenly he felt free
what does it mean to be free
he who does not fear death is free
is there a great joy no!

This ring is available now at lovinganvil dot com. Please support this incredibly gifted artist because she is not only an incredible talent, but she is also a uniquely kind and generous individual.

Coco is indeed a truly rare find.

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Mom! I’m dying of thirst and that dumb tortoise is hogging ALL the water! This is so unfair! #chunk #missy #diplomatically #brusselsgriffon #griffonbraxellois #griffy #griff #griffsofinstagram #griffoftheday #griffstagram #grifflover #petitbrabancon #tortoise #landtortoise #deserttortoise (at Mum & Dad’s House, West Hills, California)


I’d named her after a girl I’d met at sleepaway camp, who’d had a long mullet, was kind of a bully, and was probably one of my first girl crushes.

Missy the Tortoise was just one of countless tortoise my Mum would bring home to live with us during the twenty-some-odd years she worked first the Los Angeles Zoo.

I guess people who’d keep these bizarre animals as pets weren’t very careful or watchful, allowing for their frequent escape… and, for whatever reason, once found, these guys got turned in to the zoo, rather than the pound. From there, they usually ended up back at my place.

Although it was always my Mum who’d play nurse to the tortoises when they were sick and dote over their eggs when nesting, and eventually the babies when hatched, I was always their favorite human.

I know this because their favorite food is rose pedals. Especially the ones that grow on my Mum’s prized rose bushes. Oh the sacrifices that must be made for the animals we love. The risks aren’t quite as high these days, now that my Mum isn’t around anymore.

Missy is our last tortoise. For a while there, we had so many at once (Missy, Tank, Flower, FooFee… ). That’s a lot for a half acre yard. Especially when they fight. They’re fast!

I hope Missy lives forever.

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Good morning, boys. #lakings #gokingsgo #toyotasportscenter (at Toyota Sports Center)

Soooooo, this just happened. Yup, just kicking it at the Toyota Sports Center, waiting for my Los Angeles Kings to start practicing, and in walks one of the greatest Kings of all time, Luc Robitaille. Cool as fuck. #lakings #gokingsgo #1967 #additionalsix #lucrobitaille #luuuuuuuuuuuuc #toyotasportscenter #morningskate #losangeles #actuallyitselsegundo #nhl #stanleycupplayoffs #westernconferencechampions #icehockey #superfan #yesilooklikeshit #gimmeabreakits830am (at Toyota Sports Center)

People who can just look straight into the camera and take a selfie are so lucky. Whenever I take a selfie, my eyes go all crazy, and I end up looking autistic.

Very frustrating; dammit. (at City Of Sherman Oaks)